Abuse drugs are getting a huge popularity due to the wide use for different purposes. There are many drugs are present in the market and marijuana is one of them. This drug is famous because of the physical and mental effects which can see in those people who are addicted to this. Many people think that it is safe because there are some weed legal states which allow them to use this. Our body doesn’t know about the illegal or legal drugs, it only knows about the harmful effects which can decrease the memory and concentration power.

Effects of marijuana during pregnancy

Whether marijuana is the abused drug item but there are a lot of harmful effects of taking this. If we talk about a mother who is pregnant then she has to face many problems by using marijuana. It can affect a lot to the fetus’s health and mind; in fact, it also depresses the heart rates. These babies are smaller than those ones who born from the ladies who don’t use any type of drug. We can also see huge changes in the neurological behavior of those new born babies who born from a mother who is addicted to marijuana. That’s why if you are a nursing or pregnant mother then avoid the use of drugs because by this your child has to face many adverse effects.

Moreover; many people smoke marijuana and they face same problems which a cigarette smoker face. When a person smokes this then the THC go into the mind and other body organs by passes from the lungs. THC finds in the leaves and flowers and is the main chemical which can be seen in this drug. The amount of this chemical can effects on the strength or power of marijuana.