There are numerous games available on the internet those are providing lots of entertainment. Some games are capable to provide entertainment with knowledge. If you want to play these types of the game then the better option of Word Cookies available. You can easily download this particular game on the device and it is completely free. The game includes only one type of currency that is coins and you can use it for getting hints. With the help of hints, you are able to get the first letter of the word as a suggestion.

Role of the game currency

In the confusable situations, this particular hint is so beneficial. The main thing is when you hit the hint button at that time at least 25 coins are deducted from your game account. In the beginning levels, you are not able to collect enough money by which you can spend the coins freely. The reward of these levels is too low and you are not able to get sufficient coins. You need to avoid the use of hint option and try to complete the level by putting own efforts. If you conserve the funds in these levels then you are able to spend them at higher levels for playing the game in a speedy manner. Another thing is you can make the spelling only by following the proper way or order of alphabets.

If you stuck with any type of issue then you should try to solve it by taking some extra time. You never face any type of time-related issue while completing the game levels. The game is not including any type of timer that bounds you in some limits. You are able to take more time without any type of issue for completing that particular level. If you do not get success then you should take help from hint option.