All of the carpet stains can be treated well and gotten rid of by following the few methods used to remove old red stains from carpet.

Cub Soda

It works very efficiently when it comes to getting rid of the carpet stains. You just need to soak a paper towel with club soda and blot it on the stain, after repeating this process for a number of times clean it out with diluted carpet shampoo and get rid of the stains. Club soda works wonders when it comes to removal of carpet stains, you can also consider this process and apply it to the regular carpet cleaning process.

Baby Wipes

Along with providing your baby a clean and fresh look, the baby wipes can also surely help you out to remove old red stains from carpet. Just blot up the stains with baby wipes, it will absorb the stain perfectly. Also, you can use them with the homemade stain remover to get better and many effective results. The baby wipes can also help you clean the furniture and upholstery for a better cleaning.

Dry Cleaning fluids

These fluids are easily available in the market and can be used to get rid of all the stains on the carpets, just let the dry cleaning fluid work wonders on the carpet and let the stain fade away like it never existed. You need to work the fluid on the stain moving towards the center from the edges and rub it over the carpet if required.

Also, you can consider using ice cubes to get rid of all the sticky products on the carpet, and these solutions can be tested anytime on the carpets to remove old red stains from carpet. This will surely provide you a long lasting result without having to spend much amount.