Whenever we can, we always look for devices, furniture and equipment with a little bit of extra flair. Sometimes we search for the model of a product with unique designs or an extra function. Kitchen faucets are not that diverse when it comes to function but, dig this, how about a no-touch kitchen faucet? There are actually kitchen faucets available out there that not only offers durability and amazing quality but also a no-touch technology so you won’t have to touch the kitchen faucet and possibly contact germs while you’re cooking.

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motion Sense

As far as appearance goes, the Moen 7594ESRS is available in three colors namely oil rubbed bronze, chrome and spot resist stainless steel. Thanks to the available colors and stylish design, it’s able to easily incorporate itself with the overall theme and design of your kitchen. Now we’ll discuss the functions of the Moen 7594ESRS and its ability to recognize what the user wants to do just with the help of simple hand gestures. Overall, it makes the kitchen work easier since the user doesn’t have to touch the faucet whenever they’ll use it. Below are three ways to use the faucet:

  • The sensor located at the top will start and stop the water flow so just move your hand over the top sensor to activate it.
  • Next is something called the ‘ready sensor’ which knows when a hand or a cu is placed underneath the spout. It activates the flow of water and you can immediately turn it off by moving your hand or the cup away from it.
  • The third concerns the handle; it basically helps you in manually adjusting the temperature of the water as well as the water’s pressure from the faucet.