The use of steroids has become rampant especially among athletes. The need to enhance competitive advantage and boost abilities sometimes leads to the over dependency on these steroids hereby resulting to inevitable abuse. The specific nature and mechanism of these steroids are anabolic which translates into a series of build-up reactions and are mainly localized in tissues and hormonal glands.

Anabolic steroids are specifically useful for the increase in muscle capacity and complete alteration of hormonal secretion. Ideally, anabolic steroids are ooften prescribed and used for people who have hormonal complications such as deficiencies of specific hormones such as growth and in some cases testosterone. These solutions are specifically administered by a medical personnel to achieve normal growth and development, however when used randomly in healthy conditions, it causes a profound increase in weight and muscle mass. What is the mechanism behind this? Steroids force an increase in the production of hormones such as testosterone, these hormones affect the body on a cellular level and this in turn leads to the rapid multiplication of cells and tissue mass. Examples of anabolic steroids are; winstrol (popularly known as “winny” on the down market), Genabol and Deca durabol.

The route of introduction into the body is either orally or through injection. The drugs or injection usually has a dosage cycle which must be adhered to for maximum results.


As we know, steroids affect hormonal functions so this is specific for moods as well, there is usually an increased aggressiveness which is caused by a significant amount of androgen in the body. Possible side effects are Atrophy (a reduction in the size of testicles), infertility caused by drastic reduction in sperm count, possible cardiac arrest, damages incurred on the liver, for females it can lead to an escalated production of testosterone and hereby causing masculine features such as deep voice, baldness and other unpleasant features.