In order for any residential units to come alive, one would most definitely need a site developer. This site developer is primarily in-charge of a lot of pretty much the skeleton and essentials there is to a residential area. With that said, choosing the right one is extremely crucial to the success of the project. This is, obviously what rivercove ec has kept in mind, and as a matter of fact, they hired not just one, but 2 developers, both of which have a great, proven track record that would, more or less guarantee success for Rivercove Executive Condominiums. One of the 2 developers hired for this job is Sunway Property. What are its qualifications? Let’s find out below!

Rivercove and Sunway

One of the reasons as to why Rivercove has not one, but 2 developers in-chard is simple because they are just about as experienced. Sunway is also not a stranger when it comes to joint ventures for these kind of projects, as they have worked with other ventures as well. The partnership for these companies, suffice to say, is extremely strong, and they have already worked as a team prior, making things much easier.

More About Sunway

Having started services in 1976, they share the same values as that of Hoi Hup, and additionally, has a strong commitment for sustainability, as they make it a point to prioritize giving back to the community. They are the top property developer in the whole of Malaysia, as they build communities, Innovate, and Enrich lives, all of which serve as the core tenets of their company. They take pride in themselves being a master community developer, and they make it a point to always consider the people around them. They have been awarded by competent bodies year in and year out.