The number of sex offenders that live around you might surprise you and while you always want to believe that your kid is safe because there’s always someone to keep a watch over him or her, you don’t really know much about the person who is bringing your kid back home either. A lot of parents allow their kids friends parents to pick them up from school because they don’t have the time to and because it’s convenient for the parent to drop off your kid while heading back home.

However, these parents could have a history that might leave chills running up your spine. Sex offenders are usually the most charming people that you will meet and unless you have their backgrounds verified there’s no way you can prove that they are not safe to be around your kids. Companies such as Instant Checkmate can help you to get out all this information and this means that you will be able to keep your kid safe from such people. You can get more information on these checks by visiting

When you do not have any information about the people your child is hanging out with, it can be a very anxious time for you. If you are a single parent and your business requires you to travel a lot, you will be leaving your child alone a lot of times. One of the things that you need to do is get a background report on all the people that your child hangs out with. It will also be smart to get a background report on the people that your child’s friends know. This could be their parents or even the other children they hang out with. This will give you an idea of the kind of people your child comes in touch with everyday and you will be able to have a solid plan in place to keep your child safe even if you are not around.