The United States of America have made drastic changes on its rulings over cannabis thee past years, specifically on state laws for certain local areas. For instance, certain marijuana laws are followed in the state of Maryland, decriminalizing marijuana possession of specified amount. Such Maryland marijuana laws made its way on 2014 and 2015, which started the fast-phasing changes in cannabis laws of the said state.

Rulings of the Maryland Marijuana Laws

The laws of marijuana in Maryland circles around the consideration of the possession of 10gm of weeds as a civil offense, instead of being its usual criminal offense. However, penalties are still imposed when a person would be caught carrying marijuana.

Possession of marijuana below 10gm would result of being penalized to pay fines of $100 for the first offense, $250 for the second offense, and $500 for the third and subsequent offenses. However, offenders are required to undergo drug education program upon being caught for the third time, or even on the first offense when the offender is still below 21 years old. A clinical assessment for substance abuse is also required for both cases.

It was made clear that Maryland marijuana laws have made possession of below 10gm of weeds is already decriminalized, but is still punishable as a civil offense. Unlike some states in the USA that have made further legalization of marijuana for certain instances, Maryland have made its own rulings and prohibitions regarding it.

Legalities of cannabis differ from one state to another, hence it would be best to know about it before possessing weeds in an unfamiliar state. What’s legal in one state can be an offense to another, thus it would be best to stay safe and free from legal disputes. Learn more about Maryland marijuana laws and in some other states, for you to be free from hassles.