Dying Light falls under the zombies, survival and gory graphic category with a lot of mixed reviews. For one thing, players love it because of the graphics and the fact that it includes parkour in the whole mix; as you leap from building to building using your controls, you’d be able to see everything in first person view. But it can be frustrating at times because your character is basically an errand boy for two big shots and another party; way different from Agen Bola Online. Some controls will take a bit of time getting used to; one wrong move and you might fall right in the middle of a zombie horde.

Dying Light

A part of Dying Light’s gameplay that you won’t see in other game that have similar themes is the parkour system which is set in first-person view. During the initial attempts, it’s quite tricky to grab and climb on to the ledges since there’s a proper form to follow. But once you do get the hang of it, you’re ready to go off running from one rooftop to the next, well away from the zombies that fortunately can’t climb. If you think the whole situation and the appearance of the zombies is creepy and scary during the day, wait until its night time. Once everything’s blanketed in darkness, the whole atmosphere changes from just scary to shockingly frightening.

At night, the stronger and faster zombies roam the streets and player won’t be able to completely avoid them at every turn. When they chase you all throughout the streets, the best strategy would be to run, run and just run; take note that these zombies are persistent. You have to option to look back as you’re running, but we’re sure the sight of all those zombies will make your heart beat faster.