Well, it is the sad part that most of the people don’t know the difference between deleting and erasing files. When an individual wants to delete something from their device, they delete it from the folder and then from recycle bin. Does that really delete files permanently from your laptop or Pc? Well, you may shock to know that the process you followed just erased the files, they are not deleted. In order to delete the files permanently, you need to overwrite all the data available in the files. Unless the software replaces the deleted files data with the new data, the file cannot be termed as deleted.

Process of deleting files permanently

Are you thinking of selling your laptop or Pc? Then you must make sure that your data from the device is deleted permanently. It is quite clear from the above stated information that files can’t be deleted permanently until you over write the data available in the files. In simple words when the person is pressing the delete word on the keyboard, you are allowing the operating system to tag the space which you used for a file to be available to be overwritten. The data is not permanently deleted until you over write the old data with new data.

Final words

Most of the people don’t know about the importance of deleting the files permanently from their device. For your kind information, I would like to acknowledge you that you should delete the files permanently, in order if you don’t want your personal data in the hands of another person. They may misuse your personal data. So you should take some time out to delete the files permanently and be on the safe side from getting your data in stranger’s hand.