Most of the people love to play shooting games and on the internet several types shooting games available. If you are searching for a game that is available with different modes and with a unique idea then the option of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is suitable for you. The idea of this particular game is based on the multiplayer concept, where you are engaged in saving some hostages with a team. Your team members are controlled by the other game players. You are also facing real players as opponents, there is not any type of opponent is controlled by the system.

The game is developed by adding different features or things and personalization of character is one of them. For it, the in-app store of the game includes numerous things such as skin. The skins are categorized into several groups such as; common, rare and so on. As the class or level of skin is increased, similarly the prices are also increased. By visiting the store you are able to upgrade the weapons and with it, the power and overall strength of weapon is increased. For both things (buying skins and upgrade of weapons), you are required pay an amount of game currency. In the game, for the collection of currency, there is only one way available that is the victory in battles. On every victory you are rewarded by the CSGO cases, these cases contain the reward money and some other game stuff.

When you receive a case as the reward after that you are required to follow a small process that is helpful in opening the case and get beneficial things. For unlocking the cases you are required to pay an amount of game currency. In this task, you need to the main currency of game that is Keys.