Just in case you don’t know it yet, WhatsApp actually has a new feature, also known as the Whatsapp status. This is a handy, useful feature that allows you to post a wide array of things, from pictures to short videos, to GIFs, as well as stylized text. If you want to know more about this feature, as well as get it started, here are some of the basics to the Whatsapp Status that you need to know.

Where is it located?

The interface of the app itself has been tweaked with its introduction, and it can now be seen in a tab directly above your convo list. All that it takes to access this part is a tap or a swipe to the left from the app’s main screen.

How can I add a status?

Hitting the My Status icon allows you to do so. The necessary windows then pop out, allowing you to do a variety of actions, specifically to do the ones that are mentioned above. Quite a lot of modifications could be done especially to text, such as changing of the font and the color. Once you are done with modifying, you may then tap send.

How can I mute/delete statuses?
If notifications are too noisy for you, and if you don’t like the buzz that has been generated by your post, you could either have this status deleted or muted. Muting it is simply a matter of tapping and holding the update, and tapping mute to prevent it from appearing on top of the Status screen, or delete if you can’t wait after 24 hours.

Who can view these posts?

The only ones who can view are those who have their contacts on your phone. If you’re not comfortable with this thought, there is the option of sharing it with select people.