If you have been reading news regarding criminal cases taking place in USA and Mexico, you must have heard about El Chapo trial. Already this high-profile case as captured the attention of people involving in drugs market all around the world. It is basically the explosive allegations on the El Chapo that has become the talking point of the discussion. Even many strong political personalities name have been released but the case is being perfectly handled by the popular criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman.

In the last 3 weeks, many important things have taken place in the court but we are here with important takeaways from the entire trial.

  • Government Corruption

It is basically the corruption at the government level has resulted in such success of El Chapo. He has joined hands with many high-profile politicians and there is no doubt about the entire network being supported by these politicians.

  • Regional Corruption

Apart from the highest level corruption, it is the corruption in the Mexican society that has made El Chapo so strong. Many names are coming out right now and we can easily conclude the heavy use of corruption by the criminal group named Sinaloa Cartel.

  • Lavish lifestyle of El Chapo¬†

With close to $1 billion fortune of El Chapo, we can easily imagine the lavish lifestyle he used to enjoy. He is owning 4 private jets for his travel and owns a beach house having value $10 million.

At our own level, we have tried our level best to have a deep study of El Chapo trial and revealed 3 most exciting getaways. If you are the one who is willing to know more deep about the case, it is better to get aware of Jeffrey Lichtman attorney and how he handled the entire trial.