You can also use your smartphone to analyze how much electricity has been used and what the fluctuations in temperature have been. A comprehensive report will be provided by the analysis on your smartphone. With the smart tesla saver eco you can even set your vacation mode. With normal tesla savers the cooling and heating keeps fluctuating due to the weather outside. This may mess with the energy usage. With smart tesla savers you can set the temperature while you are enjoying your vacation. You do not have to worry about the house being too hot or too cold when you are back because your vacation mode would over ride any fluctuations in temperature.

Smart tesla savers also give you alerts via email. There may be times that your smartphone may not be functioning or your smartphone is lost. In such cases your tesla saver will also give you email alerts. It would be important to know if there is a power outage in the house and the tesla saver has lost connection with the network. You will also receive alerts in case the temperature in your house is falling or rising sharply. This could mean that the weather is really bad or your tesla saver readings and sensors could be getting faulty.

Another advantage of a smart tesla saver is you will receive email alerts. There are times when your tesla saver will get disconnected from the smartphone network. In such cases an email alert goes out informing you of the same so that you can take precautionary measures. You will receive email alerts if your temperature is fluctuating too much as well. In cases of power outage and bad weather an email alert will be triggered and sent across to you. With a smart tesla saver you can also set your ideal temperature for the house and leave for your annual vacation. This is called vacation mode.