If you think about it, bowling can be a simple sport; all you have to do is to throw that bowling ball along the lane while aiming to knock down all the pins. But in reality it requires more from professional players since they have to be precise on their aim, direction and the force that they put into throwing the bowling ball; similar strategizing is used in games like 188bet. Of course most of us only ever play bowling with a group just to hang out so we just mainly use luck and hope, so the next time you have a bowling match with your peers, how about bombarding them with bowling facts?

From Wood to Rubber

Sometime during the early 1900s, the world of bowling made use of wooden bowling balls. It was only later that a heavy and durable kind of rubber came in to play. In the 1960s, manufacturers of bowling balls used polyester resin for the first time. By doing so, they paved the way for the production of plastic bowling bowls with bright colours and designs.

No Women Allowed

The American Bowling Congress was actually a gentleman’s club, meaning no women or girls were given access. Only in 1917 did women form and create their own governing body, the Women’s National Bowling Association. Since then, female player have surely come a long way. The first ever woman to earn a title at the Professional Bowlers Association tour was Kelly Kullick in 2010. Most recent jaw dropper is the bowler prodigy Hannah Diem who’s just nine years old; she is the youngest bowler in the US to win a perfect game.

Grand Bowling Alleys

The largest bowling alley in the world is located in Japan, the title was earned by the Inazawa Grand Bowling Centre with its 116 lanes.