Doubts can lead to major mistakes, so you need to get rid of any doubts that might play on your mind while you’re at work. Ask for help if you can’t manage to figure out an answer. Asking questions doesn’t make you look dumb; making a mistake without knowing what needs to be done makes you look like one. So go ahead and talk to seniors and learn the right ways to work. There are some amazing books that can give you the motivation you’ve been looking for; i found his secret obsession a good read.


Self esteem is not about your ego. It’s about accepting what’s right and what’s not. The more open you are towards accepting your mistakes, the better you’ll get. Never let your ego get in the way of your work. Apology for a mistake doesn’t make you look small, instead it means you’re open to accepting change and you’ll be able to get better.

The process of learning doesn’t need to stop once you’ve got a degree in hand. Most self motivation tips will teach you the more you learn the better you get. Learning doesn’t have to be from a professional institute or academy. You can learn some really good things from your workplace, seniors and yes, even your juniors could teach you some really good things. If your mind is open to acceptance, and you’ve left your ego home, you’ll learn how to boost your self esteem in no time and this will work wonders for your career.

Self improvement tips are not about learning fancy stuff or etiquettes, it’s about becoming a better individual by doing the right things at work and in your personal life. So if you’ve been suffering from low self esteem, then try to kick your ego, learn to accept change and you’ll improve at your workplace before you know it.