In recent times most of the games are based on action battles. People want adventures way to get full fun and enjoyment. Action games are full of exciting things, and most of the part of a game is on missions and battles, and we cannot feel bored. Today the top trending game is Dragon City, and it is a stunning game with magical islands. We will interact with different types of dragons and train them for big battles. You will also learn many things by playing the game.

The most important part of the game is currency, and without it, we cannot survive. If you face any difficulty while earning currency, then you can download dragon city hack tool. Tools help for managing many things in the game and quickly get the right amount of money.

Different types of currencies in the game

  • Gems
  • Gold


Gems are used for egg hatching process in the game. We can purchase many things with the help of gems. It is a significant currency in the game and allows us to make our game play. You can spend gems to activate many kinds of missions and battles. They are very valuable, and we can also convert into food and gold too. Food is also an excellent resource in the game, and we can gain from framing.


Different currencies are used for different purpose and gold is used for adding various elements. You will lead in the game because it is very important to get the high rank in the game. You will easily lead with a large amount of currency. We can earn gold by leveling up in the game, and it opens many new stages in the game. You can add gold by dragon city hack tool, and it is free to use.