What does organic Spotify promotion mean?

organic spotify promotion refers to the use of promotion methods of a playlist by an artist on social media forums without having to go for any paid promotion. In other terms, these promotional techniques implement the use of automatic display over the newsfeed or Spotify page such that the listeners can come across those and give a try. In this age of fast internet streaming, listening to music has become a pretty easy task and hence Spotify has grown out to be one of the leading platforms. Hence, every artist aims for the promotion techniques on this platform and the article details primarily on the organic methods to do so.

The organic techniques

The following are some of the popular techniques used for organic spotify promotion: –

  • Creating the best customisable Spotify playlist that will have features aiding in the listeners to stream music without any fuss. This includes a proper arrangement of the tracks in an order to create the required spark in the listeners and then targeting them to the desired audience for the promotion.
  • Creating a good network with other artists of the same genre and collaborating with them so as to create tracks that can make the audience go awe. This will also lead to promotion as by mutual consent, the two artists can include each other’s track in their playlist and hence help in the promotion for both.
  • Searching for online music vendors who can put the tracks on their top list and hence aid the music fans to listen to these songs for free over Spotify, in case they could not listen earlier
  • Making the efficient use of ads over social media like Facebook and following all of the no-spam techniques so that genuinely the audience would show interest in listening to the music and one would not have to pay for doing so.

Hence, by either of these simple techniques, one can achieve the organic method of promoting their Spotify playlists and creating a breakthrough in the music market.