You have spent several years preparing financially for your retirement. Have you taken the time to think about the lifestyle that corresponds to your new aspirations? Do you want to buy a small country house in a bucolic place or a condo with several services in the city center?

Social life and hobbies

What type of home will you enjoy your dream life? Retirement often rhymes with freedom. With more flexible schedules, it’s an opportunity to spend more time surrounded by people we love. This is the case of Inna who sold his house to buy a condo near his community, in Laval, more precisely on Ile Paton. In addition, the building has a swimming pool and gym, common areas for socializing.

Realizing oneself in retirement would also be part of the secrets of a happy life. Does your new JadeScape condo need a spacious, well-equipped kitchen as you plan to entertain your friends as a “chef”? Do you want a basement that can be converted into a music studio? Do you want a condo to leave with peace of mind when traveling for several months?


From your balcony, would you like to see the river or a busy neighborhood life? Is it a priority to live close to services (pharmacy, grocery store, etc.)? It takes time to see if all your requirements fit your budget. If compromises are needed, which ones are you ready to make?

Sometimes, to get there, you have to change your city, as did Hélène. She made sure to buy a house close to shops and cultural attractions, while being at the edge of a river and woodland, an inspiring place for daily walks. Happy with her choice, she affectionately nicknamed her new city: Joliette, the magnificent one.