What is Duo Queue?

Duo Queue is basically the teaming up with either a player of same rank but better gameplay experience or with a higher league player compared to the user. This is also a type of boosting in which the other player helps the user to have a good win-rate and reach their desired league in a short time. This is mainly for those players who have a hard time climbing up leagues by their own, or low skill level and also for those who don’t want to give away their account details. The other player can be a friend of the user or a professional player hired from any Elo boosting site.

What are the pros of Duo-Queue?

The main pros of this type of queueing are:

  • Mapping/Laning:

When playing in duos, there is a better chance of looking at the map and thereby their specific lane to plan effective strategy and not caring about the other lanes as the other player looks into the other lanes. This gives a better laning option compared to playing solo and always looking out for other lanes.

  • Effective communication:

When playing with a friend we can communicate effectively by using a discord server or other means which helps in deciding the strategy more efficiently, like deciding which lane to approach, or what type of role to play, according to the necessary requirement of the particular match.

What are the cons of Duo-Queue?

Despite the pros, there can be negative aspects too when playing in duo: –

  • Stronger Opponents:

When playing in Duo with someone of a higher league, it often results in match-making with stronger opponents of the consecutive higher league, and it might be hard for someone of a lower league to accommodate with the opponent’s gameplay and thus getting a hard time in playing other matches of the higher league.

  • Feeding Risks:

When playing against stronger opponents it is often see that low league players struggle a lot and then end up dying at the hands of the opponent quite frequently, this is called Feeding. Thus helping the opponent in achieving levels more easily and then getting control of the whole match.

How to cope-up with one’s Duo partner when playing in higher leagues?

When playing in higher leagues with another fellow player, always remember these slight tips to cope up with the match-play: –

  • Always pick up comfortable roles:

When playing in a higher league, always choose champions in which the user is good at, in this way he could ensure more no. of victories and better game-play in sync with the other partner whom one is duo-ing with. This also ensures less feeding and effective jungling during matches.

  • Syncing up:

When playing in Duo, it is always advised to sync up with the other player as fast as possible, in order to support the other player in team-fights as well as laning. This could ensure higher chances of winning.