As women, you can never have a full wardrobe. There is always a dress that can form a good addition to your wardrobe. Maybe the green designer club dress you saw at the showroom? Sure!

For your benefit, here is a list of the type of dresses you can never have enough of.

A Dress With A Slip

A slip style dress can definitely up your oomph factor by a few notches. You can pair it up with an oversized sweater to get the chic, carefree winter look

Spend on a Sheath Dress

Combined with a business blazer, a Sheath Dress can offer you the office vibes for an important meeting. What’s double good news? This dress can transition to a night look just with a subtle shoe change.

Feel the thrill with a Lace Dress

You can probably never go wrong with a classy lace dress. Just pair it with some lipstick of dark shade and see the magic for yourself.

Accessorize with a bag that increases your confidence.

Maxi To the Rescue

It is your savior that can salvage almost every situation with its casual exuberance and demeanor. Style married with comfort is best Personified in this designer dress.

It’s the time to party dress

For that occasion of a party, you need a dress that oozes confidence. A party dress that is feathered, transparent or has a shiny sheen to it really works wonders.

An Elegant Gown

If you are a frequent invite to formal events, you probably know how important a gown is to a woman’s wardrobe. It is an integral part of women’s wardrobe. Depending on the kind of event you are going, you can choose different accessories to accentuate your look.

Experiment around with your hair in a bun to add more jazz to the gala event.