Tips on How to Create Instagram Posts that Boost Sales

If you use Instagram as a tool for promoting services and products, you most likely want to know how to create Instagram posts that boost sales. A good Instagram post should not just be a snapped and filtered photo that appears on the news feed. It should be a carefully crafted post that is shared with intent and purpose.

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Design attention grabbing images

When posting a product photo on Instagram, make sure that your photo reflects well on your product by being creative with your shots. Find the most interesting angle and decide whether to show the whole product or just part of it. Additionally, ensure good lighting and use filter to maintain a coherent look for your product or brand.

How to Create Instagram Posts That Boost Sales

Incorporate captions

Good photos do a great job on their own. However, including a properly composed inscription draws more attention from prospects. Therefore, think about a caption or subtitle that will portray your picture well and the story that you want to convey.

Include a call to action

A call to action on an Instagram post energizes potential clients and supporters. Proper progression of a post compels prospects to make a positive move while increasing adherents. Basically, good call to action snatches consideration from the prospects while inciting them to act promptly as they view your photos.

Include relevant hashtags

Appropriate hashtags make Instagram posts and photos more discoverable. However, it’s important to include hashtags that are applicable to your photos and posts. Ideally, stick to 3 to 5 hashtags per post. Overloading a post with hashtags will depict you as desperate.

Apart from creating effective Instagram posts, it’s important to have a content strategy to ensure that your brand attracts followers continuously while generating sales. Therefore, determine the number of posts that you will have every week then establish performance goals and indicators for measuring success.

Thus, in addition to knowing how to create Instagram posts that boost sales, you need to pay attention to the activities of your followers and respond to their questions.