There’s a time when “free-2-play” was a filthy phrase in the industry of games. Still, there are unequal and terrible free-to-play games on the market. In fact, every day it increases. However, sometimes we get something astonishing. We get free games that do not try to scam gamers out of cash or develop the design purposely boring in order to make some purchasable unlocks more thrilling. Here, you will find some games so great that the creators could have charged cash.

Dota 2

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) still are the king of free-2-play games. Aside from having an overwhelming number or players, Dota 2 keeps the record for the largest e-sports prize in the world: The International 7 featured a $24 million prize pool this year. It is really big.

Just know that this game is the descendant of the WarCraft III’s Defense of the Ancient (Dota). This is the grandfather of all MOBA games. You will have to choose a hero and fight against the opponents, battling to bring down the base of the enemy using skillful tactics. Or, you could also choose a hero and mess up something in 10 minutes and your whole team gets mad because they know you have them lost the game.

League of Legends

Of course, we cannot mention Dota 2 without citing League of Legends, its counterpart. This game is another MOBA. Still, it is inspired by the real DOTA mod. So, why pick this game over Dota 2? Well, this is like Coke vs Pepsi or PS vs Xbox. It is a type where no one would win. The fact is that you should select the game whichever suits your preference. You probably will not even notice any differences. Not until you have reached an advanced skill.