The latest revolutionary product in the market of window blinds is the curtains and blinds. Also known as the Twist Vision Blinds. If that’s not enough of a hint for you, no worries here are what all you need to know about curtains and blinds.

Made up of two coverings of cloth, out of which one is transparent while the other has a black color. The contrast of transparency and opaqueness serves to make these blinds both Day and Night friendly. The transparent fabric is attributed as the one serving a daytime purpose while the block one serves the night purpose. How they work is that the blinds can be shifted for complete transparency, opaqueness and partial light.

They also comprise of opaque and transparent panels. To seek privacy whenever required and bask in the sunlight whenever needed, just use these wonderful blinds. They combine the most wonderful features of Venetian and Roller blind to offer you a hybrid that you can not refuse. Frame your window with the day and night blinds to enjoy every season of the year without any hassle.

Using them is easing Personified. Just tug and twist the cord to adjust the blinds according to your need.

The benefits and features

Maintain the room temperature:

The two different fabric layers provide the appropriate amount of insulation for your home. They are able to trap heat in winter and easily reflect heat in summer, thereby lessening the burden on electricity and power.

Provide the much-needed shade:

The most basic purpose of a blind; filtering out sunlight and providing shade is deftly handled by day night blinds. They also are adept at reducing the glare from screens so that you can use your laptop or watch TV in comfort.

Bring out the beauty in your room:

The curtains and blinds are available in different colors and artistic, corporate, chic and a plethora of other designs. They are really able to bring the room together. Installed in the hallway or on the patio, these versatile blinds are able to do their job brilliantly. They also don’t bore a hole into your pocket as they are available in a range of prices and quality that can appeal to every segment of the society.

So what are you waiting for, go out and buy day night blinds for your family and home?